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Nothing matters more than the health and safety of your family. Radon Busters is committed to providing the most accurate testing possible and the highest-quality installation process for thorough mitigation. As a fully-licensed and insured radon mitigation company, we proudly serve  communities in and around the St. Charles county area.  

Our promise is to give you peace of mind. That starts with fast and accurate testing. If your home is being exposed to radon, you don’t want to wait. In the unfortunate even that your home does contain dangerous levels of radon, we are ready to offer an affordable solution that will bring your radon levels to the lowest possible.

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You’re Family’s Safety Is Our Highest Concern. Radon Is A Silent Killer.

My Story

My name is Dan, and I’m passionate about radon mitigation because I’ve witnessed its devastating effect firsthand.

I had worked my whole life as an electrician with a healthy salary, and then something happened that changed my career path forever. In February of 2018, the mother of my childhood friend, who lived across the street from me as I grew up, tragically died from lung cancer very soon after retirement. The news came as a shock to everyone. She was healthy, barely into her sixties, and most of all, she never smoked. So how did this happen?

Later her house was tested for Radon, and we discovered it was tested at 28 picocuries, nine times the EPA-mandated mitigation level of 4 or less! This astronomically high number capable of doing fatal damage to the human body.

 When I heard about the test results, this sparked a whole host of questions for me. How was it possible for a deadly agent to linger in a house for so long and go completely undetected? How many other houses were like hers, filled with this invisible poison that has the potential to lead to tragedy? And most importantly, how many lives could be saved if the general public was simply made aware of Radon and took the simple step of testing their home?

These questions led me to change my whole career path and my mission. Now my mission is to educate people on the life-threatening hazards of Radon and encourage them to test their homes to see if they are living in a radioactive danger zone.

The good news is that for private homeowners you can get this test for free, and you can know what your radon levels are in as little as 72 hours. There’s absolutely no reason to put off at least testing your home. It’s your life and the lives of your family, after all.

Free Testing for homeowners 

If you’re worried about Radon, there’s good news: we are offering private homeowners totally free testing. Give us a call and we have your home tested and know your radon levels in as little as 72 hours. There’s absolutely no reason to put it off. You deserve peace of mind for your home and your family.

Comprehensive Mitigation systems

If the test shows that your radon levels are too high, we are ready to step in to fix the problem. We will not only install a custom system that sucks the radon right out of your home, we will also seal up any other possible cracks or breaches in the foundation that could allow noxious gasses to slip into your house.

We understand that every house in unique, and that means every radon issue is unique, too. For that reason, instead of offering a clumsy, one-fits-all solution, we provide a range of 12 different fans and numerous options to fit your unique home and get you the lowest levels possible. And low is good because there is no completely safe level of radon.  

After the installation, we will come back every two years to test your radon levels again, and if your levels are too high again, we’ll fix it. We guarantee that.

All of our mitigations systems come with a 5-year warranty, so there’s no reason to worry.

Knowledge is Power. Learn more about radon.

  • Radon was first discovered in in 1900 by Fredrich E. Dorn
  • A common unit for measuring the amount of radioactivity is a “picocurie” which is measured per liter of air (pCi/L)
  • The EPA recommends a radon level of 2 picocuries or less, but there is no safe level of Radon
  • The mandatory level for a home sale is 4 picocuries or less.
  • 1 in 5 homes have elevated radon levels.
  • Radon is the number 1 cause of cancer in nonsmokers
  • Radon is an even greater danger to smokers
  • Radon is a danger to people of all ages

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